Our Vision
“Re-imagine farming”
Improved livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable diversify agricultural & allied practices, and entrepreneurship development.

Our Mission
“Farmer first”
“Improving Farming, Improving Life”

To promote, modern technologies/innovations in sustainable agriculture, and rural enterprises through capacity building, farm development, field trials, availability of quality products, farmer training program, activity based formation of FPO.

Our Values
“Quality, Equality and Ethics”
“Solutions, Service, Sustainability”

• Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations • Value for the environment and ecosystems • Professional, effective and informed by relevant science • Creative, flexible and innovative • Sensitive to gender • Passion

Our Presence

We are currently providing our services in UP, MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

States that we will be providing our services in near future are Orissa, Bihar and Uttarakhand.