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Global Eco Source

“Cultivating Ideas for Growth”

Global Eco source is a team of passionate people devoted to promoting effective agriculture & Allied services, entrepreneur, institutional development, for the benefits of farmers and rural businesses. With Integrity- Building trust with Farmers, Communities, entrepreneurs and one another by doing what is right.Transparency- Ensuring openness, communication, and accountability in our various engagements. Service Excellence- Building an organizational culture based on service and operational excellence in thought and in execution. Social Responsibility- Being a good citizen, giving back to the community and complying with regulations.
'Global EcoSource is a sister concern to Green Crop BioChem'

Global EcoSource

From Director's Desk

Mr. Rana Pratap Singh Rathore, Director, has known this industry for years, starting his journey from cyanamid in 1998 his sincere hard work and constant will to provide India with better agri inputs and services got him here, passing various milestones from working in the private sector to provide consultancies to various government associations including nabard. He is much aware of the developments, future challenges and new trends in technologies that have to be adopted in order to raise the standards of Indian agri inputs. With the foundation of all the massive experience that our director holds. He started his venture 'Global Eco Source' with the vision of Improving the livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable diversified agricultural & Allied practices, and entrepreneurship development. Global Eco source is a team of passionate people devoted to promoting effective agriculture & Allied services, entrepreneurship, and institutional development, for the benefit of farmers and rural businesses. With Integrity, Transparency, service excellence and social responsibility.

Green Crop BioChem & Fertilizers

From Director's Desk

With sincere hard work and determination,Mr. Shailesh Paliwal sir, is a self made successful businessman. After working in a private organization in the field of agriculture, Mr Paliwal set up his own company. As per today’s statistics he started the company with the investment of only 7000 rupees, which turned into a large investment of 1.75 crores per year for a company.
Mr. Paliwal originally came from Maharashtra and has made his outstanding mark as a successful entrepreneur in Indore. In today’s business, chemical as well as organic products are being made in the field of agriculture in his company. Which are being provided to the farmers at reasonable prices and with highly quality production. Along with this, he is an integral part of Swachh Bharat Mission and the Government of India is constantly striving for its personal interest in the field of cow shed protection and environment in order to work towards reducing the chemical fertilizer in agriculture sector and provide manufacturing facilities to other firms.

Our Team

(Sales Officer) Masters in Agriculture, 3 years experience

S. Pandey
(Business Development Manager) 15 years experience

R.S. Maurya
(Regional Business Coordinator)
16 years experience

Rajneesh Verma
(Business Development Consultant) 12 years experience

(Director-Urban Agri(North)) 22 years experience

Braham Pratap
(Regional Director-Entrepreneur Development) Diversify agriculture/Soil Health

Namrata Chauhan
(Director-Urban Agri(West))
Years of experience in urban gardening

(Director-Urban Agri(Centre)) 8 years experience

Bhupendra Singh
(Director-Extension Work) Holds a good command in human resource

(Consultant) Social Upliftment for women, Masters in Sociology

(Business Analyst) Masters in Business Information System, Australia

Kiran Bhadauria
(Consultant) Livelihood promotion for women, Rural Business

Mahendra Singh
(Coordinator-Allied services) 16 years experience

(Digital Marketing Manager) Agriculture Extension work

Yuvraj Singh
(Extension Planning Manager)
Agriculture Extension work