Rural Upliftment

Along with providing agri inputs in Rajasthan, MP, UP and Chhattisgarh, our vision was always inclined towards rural upliftment.

Agri Clinic

In order to achieve our goals we help farmers establish agri clinics at a minimal investment. In our country unemployment and sustainable agriculture are big challenges, setting up agri clinics in a systematic way can reduce the aforementioned problems. Our focus is primarily on educating them in order to make them aware of what modern science and technologies are capable of achieving. We always envisaged providing expert advice and services to farmers on various technologies including soil health balance, usage of fertilizers, cropping practices/patterns, plant protection.
Global Eco Source provide support in the following areas:
Waste Management
Soil Health
Carbon Credit
Climate Change
Carbon Sequestration
Diversify agri
Contract Farming
Medicinal Plant Farming
Organic Farming
FPO/SHGs (Capacity Building)

Urban Agriculture

While working towards the upliftment of rural India we found a massive gap in quality agricultural products which are handy and eco-friendly as well We conducted surveys in all major cities and "B" &"C" towns where we identified major problems related to terrace gardening when we looked into the matter we realized the principal cause was a gap that was created because of a lack of quality agricultural products, expert opinions and knowledge about plants in general. To solve this problem our research team designed a complete solution under one umbrella, Our flexible model allows us to customize products and services based on individual requirements. Where we provide online and in-person guidance, home delivery for easy access is also provided. At present we are aiming for providing knowledgeable guidance and personalized agricultural inputs such as Manures, grow bags, plants, seeds, plants growth booster, plant protectors, Gardening tools, Seasonal flowers etc This will in turn increase Employment generation for urban youth, With timely guidance for gardening, home composting, and the Availability of effective microbes/composter, Over we can grow chemical-free seasonal vegetables by utilising the small space of a house. In the foreseeable future.


Our objective has been to contribute to the development of rural India, and to achieve this, we have made our resources available to others. We have provided consultancy services to multiple NGOs and collaborated with them. Our efforts have focused on various areas such as agricultural services and support information and capacity building of FPOs/SHGs and awarded projects by NABARD, solid waste management in different regions of India, enhancing soil health, and increasing the yield of agricultural land. Additionally, we have set up several agri clinics. Looking ahead, we plan to pursue carbon credits for our work in reducing pollution and setting up several self sustainable cow sheds.